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Some are already done with the trend before it even started. These days, with more and more public figures coming forward about their sexuality, it was only a matter of time that we here at The put together a list of the most influential and intriguing openly gay and bisexual male musicians of the past century. While we’ve limited this to only 50 musicians, the number of openly gay artists far surpasses that number, and we’re sure you will likely spot an artist near and dear to your heart that we left out. We simply tried to assemble a list of those artists we feel have been both successful in their careers while also raising awareness toward gay rights issues and giving back to the community in which they belong.This is a partial list of confirmed famous people who were or are gay, lesbian or bisexual.Famous people who are simply rumored to be gay, lesbian or bisexual, are not listed.Saying hell no to #laceyshorts for men.” Another one added, “If I see someone wearing these, I’m running them over with my car.” Talk about an overreaction alert. Yikes.” This trend already has some people thinking.However, there were some courageous men who love the look. It looks like the menswear trend is diving into the androgynous style.They look just like men’s shorts except they are all-lace and come in pastel colors. This is for the ones who are brave enough to rock this trend. It has already happened with Zendaya’s clothing line.The shorts only cost and come in a variety of pastel shades, reports reports that U. rapper Cazwell has already gotten his hands on some.

Together they worked on Ferro’s debut album , released in 2001.It turns out that orders have been through the roof. But, that hasn’t stopped people from mocking this trend on social media. We also decided to rule out those artists whose sexuality was often rumored to be gay, but have never been confirmed by the artists themselves, take Morrissey or Liberace for example.We also decided to omit those musicians who appeared to flirt with being bisexual, but ultimately seem to consider themselves straight, such as David Bowie, or musicians who have talked in vague generalities about bisexuality but again ultimately seem clearly heterosexual, such as Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong.

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    We should be bending over backwards to thank guys like Conor Oberst for existing.