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Yo, just think the 80s had so much style, today these young cats don't have their own style everybody dresses the same from 13yrs.-45 but in the 80s we had our own style.

Final act of revenge: The severed head of a decapitated snake snaps in purely reflexive fury, as did the one that killed chef Peng Fan as he prepared it for diners at a restaurant in Foshan, Guangdong province, China Police say Peng died before he could be given life saving anti-venom in hospital.

I'm showing the young boyz how the old-skool playaz get down.

The style is still hot and girlz from 25 to 55 love the style.

Then see our sexy scarlet hue options below to get Nargis' look on the high street.

'I always wanted to make a James Bond film and realised no-one would ever hire me to do that so I thought it was time to write my own for a woman and make it a real spy movie, not just a spoof,' the film-maker said.

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