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Each time you amend a commit in response to Gerrit feedback git gives it a new commit ID, but because this change ID stays the same Gerrit will keep track of it as a new "patch set" addressing the same change.There's a git add-on called git-review that adds a Change-ID line to your commits and manages other aspects of using Gerrit.In addition, this info is used to associate your commits with your Gerrit account.To set these, enter the two commands below by replacing the name and email address with your own.(Running will require Media Wiki Core and placing the code you checked out in a location expected by your web server.) You can download Media Wiki Core using Git, as well as the source code of any project repository hosted at gerrit.(the Wikimedia Foundation server cluster).For example, to clone the starting with an I (capital i)).If you want something different, you can just put it at the end of the command, after the URL.Obviously, just cloning the Examples extension will not give you a development environment setup or a running Media Wiki installation.

List the files in your directory (if you have one): Passwords aren’t very secure.

Copy the full text, including the "ssh-rsa" prefix, the key itself, and the email address suffix.

On a Linux system you can use the following: [email protected]:/mw/core$ ssh -p 29418 [email protected] The authenticity of host '[gerrit.wikimedia.org]:29418 ([2.85]:29418)' can't be established.

For other Linux distributions please check your vendor documentation.

Install Git MSys (Minimal Bash for Windows) from msysgit.

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