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It also introduced a new recurring element in the form of the Shadow Proclamation, contained the first reference to the Last Great Time War, and introduced elements about Rose's character that would be directly referenced in later episodes.

Unusually, the introduction of the Ninth Doctor in no way explained what had happened to his predecessor, nor did it illuminate the life he led during wartime, and failed to explain much of anything about who the Doctor was.

He peers behind the sofa, and is attacked by the arm.

Rose notices the strangulation, but ignores it, thinking it a jest — that is until it lets go and flies towards her.

Rose heeds his advice, and runs from the vicinity, carrying the plastic arm with her.

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" She quickly obliges, and they both run to a lift whilst being pursued by the mannequins.

She goes to the basement in search of him, but Wilson is nowhere to be found.

She enters a storage room and is disturbed to see a group of moving shop window mannequins that soon surround her and raise their arms to kill her.

Before the doors can close, one of the Autons reaches for them, but the man quickly pulls its arm off before it can do them any harm. When they arrive at ground level, the man holds up a bomb and tells Rose that he plans to destroy a relay device to stop the Autons.

He offers a quick introduction — he is the Doctor — and tells her to run for her life.

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