Travelling man dating

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And he had the guts to admit that meeting (and getting busy with) exotic foreigners is one of the big perks of travel. (What woman isn’t going to keep her eyes open for a sultry hunk while in Israel or Argentina or Iceland). You must embrace the one track mind ladies and go with.Anyway, you can always rely on Rolf to infuse a little testosterone into his writing. Besides, if guys were as complicated as women wed all be in serious trouble. Just imagine the guy to guy conversations about this same topic. Karen makes a good observation—this is at heart a tongue-in-cheek riff on how cross-cultural travel can make you more attractive to the opposite sex (and how specific cultural knowledge can enhance your newly found attractiveness).With a little bit of local knowledge and romantic savvy, it’s still possible to woo women within most any urban economy.This in mind, here’s some weak-dollar romantic advice for American men in four great world cities: Why it’s a good city for meeting women: The most beautiful homely women in the world live here.Why it’s a good city for meeting women: Rio is where Sao Paolo women go on holiday.Brazil’s iconic beach-lined cityscape might have a reputation for beautiful bodies in teeny bikinis, but the Rio girls aren’t the real attraction here.A walk along the sands of Ipanema might rekindle your worshipful reverence for the female form, but that doesn’t mean you should swagger up to random sunbather vixens and ask them if they’re Capricorn or Sagittarius.In Rio, the beach is sacred territory, and trying to pick up a sun-worshipping hottie is as intrusive (and ineffective) as attempting to woo women in the middle of a church service.

Literally “five to seven,” this refers to the time of day when married French people can rendezvous with their lovers and blame it on “extra work” at the office.Pam, I too was somewhat uncomfortable with the angle of this article at first, but I think it was meant slightly tongue-in-cheek.And Rolf does mention on a couple of occasions how he appreciates a brain alongside physical beauty.Put your average Parisienne in a police lineup, dressed in a ball cap and sweatpants, and you wouldn’t find her all that remarkable.Perch her atop a bicycle in a sundress along Boulevard St.

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