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Interesting—that concept sounds very similar to a common and important part of what’s often included in franchising today… Go ahead—grab your favorite beverage before you continue reading this post.And if your favorite beverage happens to be beer, the 1840’s should be of particular interest to you.These first franchisees paid a royalty to the lords in exchange for, among other things, “protection” that was essentially considered to be a monopoly on commercial ventures.Over time, the regulations that governed these first franchisees became a part of European Common Law.

Like the Singer sewing machine, it was an item that was starting to be produced in large quantities.

There were hundreds of famines—especially in Europe, a continent that lost a third (or more) of its population to The Black Death plague.

Violent uprisings were often staged by working class folks who didn’t feel they were getting paid fair wages.

The next time period in which the concept of franchising started to take hold was the Colonial period.

This period is a personal favorite of mine, because it involved what were called “Franchise Kings”.

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