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Olson grew up in perhaps the most un-Hollywood setting — on a six-acre farm in Oregon.

Olson says her mom would whistle when it was time for dinner, and if you wanted a snack, you just ate out of the garden.“Nobody was an actor,” Olson says of her family.

It wasn't really a Oh, I'm the center of attention feeling, it was more Oh, I'm making them so happy right now feeling. It's so cloudy and gray and rainy in Oregon,” Olson says of moving to Los Angeles.But rather than be repulsed by her character’s more detestable nature, Olson has been able to connect with Dee.“I can't tell if I relate to her anymore or if I'm just so used to playing her and love her so much that it's second nature,” Olson says.With the photographer and stylists gone, Olson finally seems more at ease, sitting at a long wooden outdoor table in her backyard and tucking her legs into her chest.“There's a certain element of desperation and wanting people to like you… But I think because that was so sad for me when I was little, that it's so hilarious and sad now, that I relate to that. I don't know.” And Olson not only relates to the idea of needing to fit in, but it’s something that’s apparent just from talking to Olson.I like this character's way of handling it, way more than how I handled it. Often she’ll end sentences with “I don’t know,” like she’s trying to take back what she just said in case you don’t like it.

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