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Note that if youre merging an entire catalog, you dont need to export the files. Get Photos command to import the files from the new folder into the destination catalog.Nor would you need to export if you could easily identify the files to be imported from the source catalog by, say, folder location. PSE will ask you if you want to import the keyword tags recorded in the files metadata (you do). Stack the imported files if they were in stacks or version sets in the source catalog.On my current computer, it takes 4 seconds to launch the Organizer directly, but 16 seconds to launch it automatically via the Welcome Screen.Warning: At least one person has reported finding numerous files starting with IPOD_ scattered throughout her pictures folders, and it may be that this solution sometimes causes this to happen were not sure.The Save command gives you the option of exporting all tags are just one particular From File command to import the text file.You have the option of merging the imported tags with the existing ones or creating new additional tags.Windows 7 32-bit and Vista 32 are limited to using no more than 3 GB (and a bit) of memory, whereas Windows 7 64-bit and Vista 64, used on new computers, let you have much more.

You dont even need to do this step if you just want to import the tag names themselves and not their parent categories PSE will bring in the tag names in step 4 when you import the files.

If youre editing normal sized photos, an Adobe Lightroom blog says to expect only modest 10% speed improvements from Vista 64.

Id guess that you should expect similar modest improvements with PSE, but I havent read anything authoritative.

For example, a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor with 3 GB of memory, a 2 MB cache, and a 667 MHz bus could run most applications much faster than a 2 GHz single-core processor with 1 GB of memory, a 1 MB cache, and a 533 MHz bus.

The amount of memory is the single most important factor affecting PSEs performance.

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