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In our garden, they do a good job poking through low arching bushes of 'Buff Beauty', a creamy apricot rose that is just at the end of its first flush of flower when the poppies are at their best. They are also filling in gaps on a dry, south-facing slope that eventually will be filled with rosemary, myrtle and box, clipped in the French fashion.Self-seeded poppies stick to nature's own timetable, sowing themselves in late summer and early autumn.As Oxfordshire farmer Tom Allan points out, he has simply to prepare the land, drill the seed and watch the poppies grow.Macfarlan Smith take care of the gathering and the processing.They seed themselves liberally and it is up to you to pull them out of places where they are not wanted and to rogue the flowers as they open, to get rid of the colours you don't like and increase the chance of getting more of those you want.Gradually, doubles drift back to becoming singles, but you can easily add a few new doubles to the mix each year: perhaps 'Double Raspberry Blush' (Thompson & Morgan £1.49) or 'Black Peony' (Chiltern Seeds £2.23).The opium poppies which crammed our garden in late June were altogether madder: singles and doubles in deep, silky purple, brilliant pillar-box red, a rich crimson and some strange tricolours, which have never appeared before.If you start by chucking a few different kinds of opium poppies about in your garden, you will have them forever after.

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The singles are more elegant, though, and great favourites with bumblebees which (despite the badgers which dig up their nests) seem to be around in great numbers this year.The seedpods of opium poppies are full of a milky latex which dries to an amber-coloured resin, rich in codeine, morphine, narceine, narcotine, papaverine and thebaine, all of significant use to medicine makers.All the crops in Britain are grown under licence for an Edinburgh-based pharmaceuticals company, Macfarlan Smith.So it's not surprising that opium poppies are now cultivated on about 8,000 acres of arable land in Britain.That's nothing, though, compared to Tasmania, which with 20,000 hectares under production is the world's largest provider of opium poppies for the pharmaceutical industry.

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