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Now that Lavoisier may be out, it could mean that they’re tempting Johnson with a more attractive offer. He’s portrayed Philip before and could easily do it again.Numerous Days watchers have been calling for Johnson’s return on social media. Johnson’s DOOL homecoming hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s certainly a possibility.They might give it another go since they’ve lost so many characters lately.We definitely need some people in that age group to stick around. We’ll let you know if we hear any official updates on Lavoisier’s status and Johnson’s possible return.According to Globe Magazine, Lavoisier was blindsided by his firing.An insider for Globe revealed that Lavoisier was fired by phone, which apparently set him off.Globe suggests that Lavoisier wasn’t pleased to hear that Johnson might be stepping in for him.It seems the potential swap may have led to some anger on set.

It led to speculation that Johnson was possibly offered the chance to make a comeback and turned it down.

Shelly was the fastest typist in her school and has an obsession with spellings and memorizing.

Shelly worked at a local country club before rising into fame.

There she did random tasks in the pro shop and was supposed to be in charge of the register but all of it did not work for her.

Shelly was hugely interested in dancing and thus joined a dance school called Dance Unlimited which eventually became her second home.

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