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The more observant among you will have already noticed that you can now sign in to Sage One using your Google account (the one you use to access Gmail, Google Drive and the wealth of other services Google provides to business owners).

Google have provided a means whereby, once you log in to one Google service, you don’t have to log in to another Google service. To link your existing Sage One service with your Google account simply: * Browse to the Sage One page * Click ‘Sign In with Google’ * If you’re not already signed in to your Google account enter your details and sign in.

With all these running thoghts, finally I’ve reached Vinod’s apartment.

Left the car and helped wife to pick the stroller suitecase from the trunk and I rolled the suit case and rang the calling bell of Vinods home.

Swathi appears to be in excited mood and she got ready with her favorite Kate winslet costume.

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I really admired that we all are strictly following this even without planning.

(You’ll be prompted to allow Sage One to use some of your Google account information) * If you’re happy for Sage One to use this information in future click ‘Accept’.

You’ll then be asked to sign in to confirm that you want to link Sage One to your Google account * Enter your sign in details and click ‘Sign in’ Once linked to Sage One you can sign in with your Google account details in future.

Though we talked about this swap over phone call, this is the first time all four of us in meeting physically first time after the decision has been made.

Now nobody has courage to talk openly about swap or anything related to our plan.

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