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Fable II enhances the system of morphing one's character based on their actions as introduced in Fable.Character morphing revolves around two major alignment scales: Good and Evil, and Purity and Corruption.Guns are still primitive, and large castles and cities have developed in the place of towns.According to Lionhead Studios, the non-interactive cutscenes consume less than five minutes of game time.In the fully interactive cutscenes a player can use their expressions during the dialogue or even run away from the scene, thus skipping it; afterward the player can return to the cutscene location to start it again.If the player runs away from a cutscene which contains important information, the character will await the player's return.

It can also aid in combat situations by attacking downed enemies.

Increasing the Skill stat will make the Hero taller.

A high level of will power and spells create glowing blue markings, called Will Lines, all over the body.

A compilation of the game, and its two downloadable content packs, was released on 24 October 2009, titled the "Game of the Year" edition.

The game takes place in the fictional land of Albion, five hundred years after Fable's original setting, in a colonial era resembling the time of highwaymen or the Enlightenment.

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