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Two Zeon soldiers, Denim and Gene, were on a reconnaissance mission to find what Project V's mobile suits were.

But Gene disobeyed orders and started to attack Side 7.

Both the White Base and the Gundam were severely outnumbered.Because Captain Paolo Cassius was injured during the battle with the two Zakus, Amuro was the only pilot available to provide cover for the White Base's escape from the colony.The Musai-class light cruiser that kept its distance from the colony attempted destroy the White Base by firing several missiles at the it, but Amuro managed to shoot them down.After the encounter with Char, the White Base attempted to re-enter the atmosphere and head for the Federation HQ in Jaburo, South America.However, Char attacked the ship during reentry and Amuro was once again called to defend the ship with the Gundam.

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