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This tutorial will show you how to install the Mote Python library, and then walk through its functionality, finishing with an example of how to use Mote with Cheerlights.

We always recommend using the most up-to-date version of Raspbian, as this is what we test our boards and software against, and it often helps to start with a completely fresh install of Raspbian, although this isn't necessary.

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It's also worth noting that the strips are numbered from 1 to 4, but the pixels on each strip are indexed from 0 and hence numbered from 0 to 15.

After setting a pixel or pixels, you have to call .

Now that we know how to light individual pixels and iterate through all of the pixels, we'll look at how to do some basic animations.

By rejigging our code that we used in the previous section to light all of the pixels, we can create a simple animation that fills up all of the pixels on the strips one at a time. By pulling the currently set colour from the Cheerlights API, every so often, we can use that to change the colour of our Mote strips.

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We'll go through the code bit by bit, and explain it along the way.

We've designed Mote to work really well as a decorative light for under-shelf, or under-cabinet lighting, and we've also written a really neat (if quite lengthy) tutorial about how to control Mote with Homekit and Siri (for voice control) on the i Phone.

As with most of our boards, we've created a really quick and easy one-line-installer to get your Mote set up.

We'd suggest that you use this method to install the Mote software.

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