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“Every type of biowarfare agent you can possibly imagine, including dengue fever and Ebola.” One of these laboratories, says Boyle, is in Kenema, Sierra Leone. “In the other outbreaks it’s a 50 per cent fatality rate and it was contained.Right here, we’re dealing with a 70 per cent and it’s not contained.The number one debunking podcast on i Tunes, The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, claims a weekly listenership of 120,000 and tens of millions of downloads since its 2005 launch. But connecting dots is precisely how all sorts of mistakes about reality arise.“Our brains evolved to spot patterns in the environment and weave them into coherent stories,” says psychologist and conspiracy theory expert Dr Rob Brotherton.After much disputing between Germany and Rome, Emperor Charles V decided that he considered the calling of a general council to be expedient and proposed the city of Trent as the place of assembly.The Council of Trent met 25 times and made many decisions about Christian doctrine.All the evidence I’ve been able to locate leads me to believe it came out of the Kenema lab.” How high does the cover-up go? Probably Obama too.” Critics of the theory observe that if this was an altered version of the disease, the changes to its structure would be observable to scientists.However, DNA analysis of samples sourced from 78 individuals affected by the current outbreak was recently published in the journal Science.

He was a member of the government’s Committee of Military Use of Biotechnology and principal author of the Biological Weapons Anti Terrorism Act of 1989 which was signed into law by George Bush Snr. “I believe it’s been genetically modified.” Boyle points to the existence of US government laboratories in Africa that are creating bioweapons under the guise of innocently working on cures.We thank you in advance for partnering with us in this small but significant way.In November 1518, Martin Luther published an appeal from the Pope to the emperor and nobility of Germany on behalf of the Reformation of Christianity.“There’s also a proportionality bias, so we want to think that when something big happens in the world it has a big explanation.In the case of JFK, you don’t want to believe some guy you’ve never heard of killed the most important man in the world and changed the course of history.

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