Adult australian chat no registration

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I gasp as my right breast is grabbed firmly & I feel rope being wound tightly around it.Then my left breast is grabbed and again rope is wound tightly around.A hand slides underneath my back, lifting me slightly & I feel rope being slid through the gap.I'm lowered back to the floor & feel the rope being tightened under my breasts.

I groan as I feel my pussy stretched each time another finger is inserted. I've arrived in Australia, ready & eager to start my new life down under.Despite my excitement, I'm pretty drowsy as I stand at the baggage reclaim, waiting for my case to appear.I cry out against the gag but my captor ignores me, pushing the object into my pussy until its tip is pressed up against my cervix.I try to expel it but my captor slaps my pussy hard, forcing the object even further inside me. I feel a cool substance being smeared around my asshole.

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